MARVES stands for Quality!

As a consulting boutique our main goal is to support you in delivering the best solution! In order to achieve this, we offer various services in the area of Project Solutions, Quality Assurance and Portfolio Management System Integration.

At MARVES, we believe that honesty and trust combined with a customer centric focus are the key to a successful project. These values combined with years of experience enable our experts to provide you professional and innovative services. We spontaneously built a culture that drives performance. We work because we enjoy it. It is our learning instinct. It is tied to our curiosity, analysis skills and strong will to explore challenging problems.
In an agile world, we built a flat organisation where each one is empowered to cooperate and develop opportunities and his skills. We work to benefit our identity and enhance our potential to be creative, proactive and resilient.
The elements of culture interact and reinforce each other. We believe our work materially helps our customers. It is part of our culture, a result of our experience and our motivation.
We believe in a cooperative organisation where knowledge and added value are fairly shared within the community.
MARVES build relations for the long term.

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